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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Take This Job and Shove It

 Lisa S., of Alabama writes:

I'm very organized in the morning, and I like to sleep until the last possible minute so everything is done the night before. Shower, lunch made, clothes laid out. In cold weather when the alarm goes off, I run outside and start the car, then get ready for work and by then the car is warm.

I had a dream where, instead of going back inside, I stayed in the car and started driving to work in my pajamas. It's a half-hour drive and I got about halfway there when I realized it and turned around to go home and get dressed.  When I got home, my husband said he needed a ride to work because his truck wouldn't start. I told him he'd have to take me to work because I was running late. We got in the car, I fell asleep, and when I woke up we were almost to his work, which is an hour away from mine. I started yelling at him because I was going to be really late to work, then I woke up. Interpretation?

This dream revolves around your real-life morning ritual, which goes off course. Rituals are often things we carry out not because we truly want to or are sincere, but because we're used to them, and their expected from us. You've clearly been going through the motions and going about business-as-usual for a long time, and have reached a point where that ritualistic behavior, and the business of doing what's expected of you, are no longer satisfying to you. This is scary to you, which is why, in the dream, you turn back to try and get your usual ritual back on track. Rituals, you see, offer us safety and stability - even when they're not good for us, they're familiar and safe, because they don't rock the boat.

In your dream, your effort to finally get to work on time is interrupted by your husband who suddenly needs a ride and, interestingly, does the driving, even though it's your car.

Let's cut to the chase: you're really gay.

It's not really your job you're worried about getting to, it's your sexual identity - that of a lesbian.  
For far too long, you've been putting on the costume of a good, heterosexual woman...but you've reached a point in life where you ask yourself if you're doing the right thing, and harboring a grudge against your husband who you perceive as putting his own needs before your own. Notice in the dream how he takes over the situation to such an extent  that he's driving your car? Not only does he take the wheel, but he lets you sleep past your destination. You lash out at your husband in the dream, and blame him for your lateness. But it's not really lateness to your work you're worried about. You're worried that you've waited this long to face your own lesbionic tendencies, and blaming your husband for keeping you in the heterosexual nightmare of a life you've been living.

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