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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bag of Tricks

Robert S. of Garland, Texas writes:

Last night's dream: I arrived at a school for a a night class in some technical course. I knew other students who were there. Apparently it was the last class, and I had to gather up lots of knick-knacks I had left at my work table over the course, and placed them in my knapsack along with my laptop. I left the room, but ended up returning to the classroom where the teacher was showing slides to those who remained; the slides were basically of the class over the run of the class course. I discovered my knapsack had been stolen while I watched the slides. Upset and knowing I'd probably never find the knapsack, I tried to leave the school building, which seemed impossible to get out of.

The knapsack represents a vagina, and the things inside of it represent your history and items from past: the odds and ends from a class that's finished and your laptop, which is your memory.

The technical course you've been taking at night is the journey of sexual discovery you've undertaken almost in secret (hence this being night school..or under cover of the night.) In the dream, you get to a place of learning (learning about yourself) and find that the items from your past and your history have disappeared. They are no longer relevant, because this is the "last class" and you've learned all you need to know about yourself- That you're gay.

The pieces of your past, which are tied up in your misguided attempts at sexual relationships with women (the knapsack/vagina) are gone forever.  Although you don't need to pursue women or wear the face of someone who does, since you're actually gay, you clearly haven't fully accepted this, which is why you're upset in the dream about knowing you can never have the knapsack/vagina back.

However, it's also a hopeful dream, because you find it impossible to leave the school building. This is your subconscious showing you that, no matter what you may be feeling, your inner core is strong will never let you lose your True Wisdom - that you're a gay man. 

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