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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emotional Baggage Check

Gina L. of Boston, MA. writes:

I have this dream, or variations of it quite often. I'm in an airport, usually O'Hare, and something has gone wrong with my ticket. I repeatedly try to call home but can't dial the number properly, nor can I get an operator's assistant. I storm off to the news stand and buy a bunch of magazines. The titles vary, but there's one constant: The New Republic. What does this mean?

An airport is a place we find ourselves when we are headed somewhere. Your dream places you at an airport to illustrate that you are trying to move forward - but you're immobilized, because "something has gone wrong with your ticket." This is your subconscious telling you that the path you've always believed has been right for you is, in fact, very WRONG for you. Your attempted - and failed - efforts to call home for assistance represent your efforts to rely on the tried and true. In this case, the tried and true would be heterosexual relationships with men, which you can no longer access because you can't seem to dial the number properly due to an inability to work the phone: you don't even know what to do with the telephone, just as you don't really know what to do with male genitalia.  You're even unable to get an operator's assistance. This represents your many efforts to find the right man to make things work, and your failure in these efforts. Your second and final course of action is getting a bunch of magazines, which represents your efforts to intellectualize your sexual identity dilemna, but being a lesbian is nothing you can read your way out of, Gina.  Deep down, you know this to be true, which is why the one constant in this recurring dream is The New Republic. You thought it referred to the magazine, didn't you? It's actually a reference to Star Wars and the triumph of good (Lesbian) over evil (Breeder.)

You're a lesbian. Why else would you dream about being at an airport named after Butch O'Hare?

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